Diamond Myths, Legends, and Folklore

Diamond Myths,
Legends, and Folklore

The Supernatural Side of Diamonds

Most people know the diamond is by far the most popular gemstone, outselling all other gemstones combined. However, what they may not know, is that the diamond has also come to symbolize much more. While it represents many great characteristics, such as everlasting love and eternal commitment, for thousands of years it was surrounded by mysterious myths and legends.

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Judge of Innocence and Guilt
At one time, Jewish high priests used diamonds to determine the innocence or guilt of someone accused of a crime. Their belief was that a diamond held before a guilty person would dull and darken, while a diamond held before an innocent person would glow with increased brilliance. Their reasoning? The more truthful someone was, the more the diamond placed before them would sparkle.

Healing Agent
The diamond, originally thought to have exceptional healing abilities, was considered by some in past millenniums to be a “miracle stone.” A large variety of healing properties have been attributed to the diamond, including the ability to cure stomachaches, memory loss, depression, physical tiredness, infections, mental illnesses, nightmares, skin diseases, and many other head and heart ailments.

Tears of the Gods, Falling Stars and Cupid’s Arrows
The ancient Romans and Greeks had a lot of powerful beliefs about diamonds, including ideas that diamonds were the tears of the gods or possibly even splinters that had broken off of falling stars. Roman literature, which first made mention of diamonds in the first century AD, also stated that Cupid’s irresistible arrows were tipped with diamonds. Classical Greek philosopher Plato went even further to write about diamonds as living beings that embodied celestial spirits. 

Lightning Bolt Fragments
The Hindus, who were known to use diamonds in the eyes of their statues, believed that diamonds were created when bolts of lightning struck rocks. Diamonds were also believed to attract lightning bolts.

Satan’s Temptation
In Persian culture, there exists a myth that God had no need for diamonds, gold, or any other precious metals or gems when he created the world. Satan, however, took notice that Eve loved the brightly colored flowers in the Garden of Eden and thus created gemstones in the same hues to tempt humans.

Warfare Protection
In ancient times, Kings were known to lead wars on the battlefield wearing heavy leather breastplates studded with diamonds. It was believed that diamonds possessed God-given magical qualities and superpowers far beyond the understanding of ordinary humans.

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